Ashna Ahmed Dawlat /Kurdistan

Mhamad Al Atiq from Mada

Mada groupe 2012 Stockholm

Workhop whte Mada group 2012

whte artist Sammar from Kwaet in Mada exabitiom (Segla mot norden i Stickholm) 2012

segla mot Norden 2012

Whthe artist May, Sammar from Kwaet and Alia fråm Aman 2012 in Mada exhabition in Sweden. Utställningen SEgla mot Norden i Stockholm

whte Mohamed Al Atiq from Qatar in Mada exhabition in Sweden 2012

Segla mot Norden 2012

Ashna Ahmed Dawlat 

Ashna Dawlat Ahmed  born in 1969 in the city of Sulaimaniya in Kurdistan Iraq. In 1989 she completed the 5 year art college at (Dem find Art Institute) in Kurdistan, Iraq and worked five years as an art teacher for different age groups in their homeland. 
Ashna moved to their new home country Sweden in 1994, she has worked for 12 years as an art teacher for different age groups in Sweden. Today she works as a VA engineer and holds art classes for women at leisure. 
In her paintings, we find her roots and natural origin when she works with color and form. Through his artistic talent, she has made it easier to manage change in their lives and to process it in a coherent and relaxing way. She always tries to integrate their thoughts and behavior in culture and the people in their new home. 
Ashna is an open, outward looking, engaged, curious, happy and hopeful as a person. She is full of energy 
Ashna says, art can help us feel better and stronger, therefore, regard it as a constituent part of all the great unfathomable act of creation and success. She tends to paint what inspires, worried and shaking her. Her paintings speak of her personality, attitude, and desire in life. The paintings documenting the situation that she has been in at this very moment as she was about to paint or create. Each painting is a unique experience that is unique to her. She says she has only one biological child, but she has hundreds of paintings, which she regards as her children.
 Ashna likes to paint in different art styles and to try all the materials, she has been painting on glass and has many beautiful stained glass, she has illustrated three Kurdish children's books as well. Ashna has worked a little with sculpture and ceramics in his art journey as well. 
Ashna is married and has one son. Today she lives with her young family in Sweden / Stockholm. 


Résumé Ashna Ahmed Dawlat

Born 1969, grew up in Kurdistan Iraq

1989 completed a 5-year art college in Kurdistan Iraq and has studies and worked with sculpture and pottery as well as success in glass painting. She constantly work to expand her professional skills in may techniques and medias.

She moved to Sweden in 1994 and has worked as an art teacher for 16 years both in Iraq and Sweden.
Ashna holds courses and Work Shop for Women and Children in Sweden.

1999-2000 she has illustrated 3 Kurdish child books in Sweden.




Kurdistan Iraq:

1984-1989 Participated in all joint exhibitions organized by the art college.  

Some individual exhibitions in different places years 1984-1989.




1996 Gallery Dali in Hudiksvall / Sweden..
2000 ABF house in Stockholm / Sweden.
2001 Enebyberg library in Danderyd Municipality/ Sweden.
2003 ABF house in Falun Municipality/ Sweden.
2009 City Conference (Engineering House) Stockholm/ Sweden.
2010 Infra City/ S
Some individual exhibitions in different places years 1984-1989weden.
2011 Kista Fair/ Sweden.

2012 Old tawn gallery in Stockholm/ Sweden.

2013 Kurdistan /Irak - Sulaymanya

2013 Kurdistan /Irak -  Arbil


1998-2012 Husby art gallery in Stockholm/ Sweden.
2008 Art gallery in Vällingby/ Sweden..

2009 Haga park/ Sweden.
2010 Gallery Ciricai/ Sweden.

2010 Haga park/ Sweden.
2010 Dalarö Customs House Museum in Haninge Municipality/ Sweden.
2010 Infra City/ Sweden.
2010 Solna Center/ Sweden.
2010 Skansen/ Sweden.
2011 New Delhi/ Indian.
2011 Solna Haga park/ Sweden.

2011 Chandigar/ Indian.

2011 Uppsala Municipality art gallery/ Sweden.

2012 Chandigar/ Indian

2012 ABF hus in Stockholm/ Sweden.

2012 Iraki culture center

2012 Jakobsberg art gallery/ Sweden

2013 Azerbaijan/ 3th Gabala international exhibition Syd Korea 

2013 Turkey /Tarabzon 6 international women exhibition. 


2010 Sweden/ Stockholm 

2011 India /Darampor

2013 Qatar/Doha

Planed Exhibitions

2014 Jakobsberg art gallery/ Sweden

2014 Danmark

2013 Warso /Pollen 

2013 London



• Art teacher from (Fine Art Institute in Kurdistan Iraq)
• Engineer in Sweden


Related information

Member of Iraqi art association in Stockholm .
Member of Tellus Arts International Art Association .
Member of Uplands Väsby art club.

Chairwoman of the Association Art for children

Member of Lebanon and Franc international art association Art for human.
Member of the Arab and international arts organization from the Arabian Gulf countries (Mada )
Member of the Swedish Artists Association



Ashna Ahmed

Sabbatsväg 7

177 60 Järfälla/Sweden

Tel: +46707153552  

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du är jätte duktig, tack för den fantastiska tavalan vi fick äran att köpa på galan.

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Tack för din förslag, jag har många tavlor från Kurdistan, men bara jag har inte haft tid att lägga in dem. Jag ska lägga in dem i fortsättningen.

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Du är duktig men jag skulle föredra bilder från Kurdistan. Det ska påminna direkt om Kurdistan och ska vara kurdiskt original. Sipasiba.

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